By Claire

July 14, 2020

When we take care of our bodies seriously, remarkable facts start to happen. The body begins an intense process of elimination of toxins that are accumulated in our body by many years of unhealthy living habits.

The body makes room to store these foods of superior quality with which it will form new, healthier, and stronger tissues.

The nature of our body is focused on constant evolution and growth and is very selective.

When we carry out a detox diet, the body starts a very intense process of purification and regeneration as there is more energy in the body and fewer toxins. Therefore, we will notice some changes while this happens.

In this article, we are going to talk about the signs your body gives you and how you can read into them to recognize your detox is working.

What happens during a detox?

When we are going through a detox, the body's metabolism reacts in three phases:

  • When the body starts the processes of purification and cell regeneration, it eliminates accumulated toxins, removes a multitude of sick and poor quality tissues and replaces millions of cells with other much more efficient cells;

    this phase called the "catabolism phase" results in weight loss and apparent sickness as the body gathers everything it considers to be waste or of poor quality and sends it to the organs of elimination.

    This decompression of sorts occurs because when excellent quality food is introduced into the body, the body chooses to rebuild itself with this food and discards everything it detects of inferior quality.
  • When a large number of toxins are already eliminated, the body enters a "stabilization phase" in which the toxins it eliminates are equal or almost equal to the new durable tissues it generates with the fresh foods.

    In this phase, the weight may vary, but very little, because what is eliminated is equal to what is built into new healthy and more effective tissues.
  • The last phase is called the "anabolism phase," in which the body considers all toxins to have been eliminated from the body and begins to gain higher quality muscle mass.

    This unusual and divine process is like tearing down an old building to build a new one with better materials.

1. Weight loss

Usually, when you start a detoxification process, your body responds, and you may not always like the answers it gives you.

One of the most common responses is weight loss, but it is not always gradual and slow. Sometimes you can lose weight because your body has a very fast caloric deficit that it is not used to.

Some experts even point out that after a few days, your body starts to suffer from a lack of protein, which causes muscle tissue to break down.

Similarly, a lack of fiber in a diet tends to affect the function of the large intestine, causing symptoms similar to stomach flu.

So the answer is that weight loss. But, it doesn't mean you have to worry, it means you have to be patient and keep up with your detox so that your body adjusts and your weight is maintained correctly, and you start to notice improvements.

2. Dizziness

When your body is deprived of substances that regularly harm it, it is normal for it to go through a period of change.

Dizziness, headaches, and even nausea and vomiting are also common symptoms.

This is nothing more than a response of your body purifying itself and can even occur because of the low consumption of sugars and carbohydrates that the body is not receiving.

It is the body getting used to the natural.

This is why a detoxification or detox diet must be done with the proper accompaniment or supervision of a doctor.

To avoid exceeding the limits towards a routine that can be harmful to the body.

3. Sleepiness

It should be noted that the higher the number of toxins accumulated in the body, the more symptoms we may experience.

Irritability, difficulty sleeping, depression, and drowsiness may become recurrent but temporary symptoms.

It is necessary to let it all out and clean up so that you can really and ultimately recover, the more the process is slowed down, the longer it could take to achieve a full recovery.

Rest is essential to be able to cope with this process and to charge yourself with the energy needed for all the transformation at an organic and cellular level.

Making your body adapt to a new rhythm is not a job that happens overnight.

4. Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions in the first few days are common; your body is releasing the toxins you have introduced into it.

The most common forms are perspiration and mucus, so constant sneezing, night sweats, and skin rashes mean your body is saying goodbye to what it doesn't like.

5. Changes in stool

A symptom heavily related to the side effects of a detox in the body (and a reason why some people avoid detox programs) is a dramatic change in the feces during the first days of detoxing.

People with gastrointestinal issues or with hypoactive bowels will feel the urge to go to the bathroom more frequently, and their stool might change in terms of color (becoming darker), texture (becoming more liquid), and quantity (being more abundant).

This part of the process, as uncomfortable as it may be, is natural. The body, responding to the efforts of eliminating toxins at an accelerated rate, will reactivate the excretory function of your bowels with equal intensity.

To overcome this symptom, it is important to stay well hydrated during the detox.

But wait for a second...

Why our bodies might react negatively to a detox?

One of the most misunderstood consequences by many people is why the new diet (based on mainly well combined raw fruits and vegetables) makes them feel bad and weak with ailments of all kinds such as vomiting, diarrhea, fever, headaches, doughy tongue, nerves, depression, restlessness, acute or chronic fatigue, decreased physical exertion and less energy to perform various muscle and joint activities, etc.

They do not understand that all these symptoms are produced by the body's purifying action, all of which are symptoms of detoxification and should not be interrupted.

With a diet high in fresh fruits and raw vegetables the vital energy increases but the organism reasons at that moment that it is more important to focus all this new energy and of good quality in purifying and regenerative processes to replace millions of cells and multitude of tissues by other new ones healthier and of better quality and much more lasting.

When we are sick from the accumulation of toxins or other diseases, the body subtracts vital energy from different functions to direct as much energy as possible to detoxification processes to recover.

However, not all signs and symptoms of detox are negative. Let's take a look at what happens to your body when you decide to endure the previous signs.

6. Changes in skin color (pinker and brighter).

Your skin, as the largest organ on your body, is the primary reflection of your good health. When detox begins to pay off, your skin looks pinker, more vibrant, and even healthier.

Also, unpleasant spots that have been caused by free radicals begin to disappear, healing improves, and skin hydration will be much more noticeable. Hydrated skin is synonymous with healthy skin.

7. Clearer urine.

The kidneys do many things, but their most important job is to remove wastes from the blood and make urine. The urinary tract carries these wastes out of the body when a person goes to the bathroom.

One of the most noticeable effects of detox is that the kidneys are cleaner, so the color of the urine the body passes is much clearer.

Dark yellow urine can mean something is wrong with your kidneys. If you look at it more realistically, your kidneys work like a filter, without a filter it doesn't get cleaned up, it gets blocked, and impurities get through.

So, by detoxifying your body, the result is kidneys that will filter waste properly, making your body pass much more transparent urine.

A similar process happens with feces; they return to a healthier color and texture after the negative symptoms of detoxing are behind.

8. Less anxiety about eating.

Sugar usually causes anxiety when you are addicted to it and decide not to eat foods high in it.

This addiction triggers because, after some time, the body learns to rely heavily on this "quick energy" form, neglecting harder sources of energy to digest, such as foods rich in fiber.

This, in turn, leads to gastrointestinal problems and the constant need to consume snack foods.

Once you detoxify, this desire to continually eat foods that are high in sugar or will become sugar disappears.

Your body regains some of its natural functioning, so the recommendation will always be to maintain a healthy and balanced diet during and after detox.

9. More energy

A notable advance of a detox is that you will be healthier, your energies will be raised to the maximum, keeping you active during your working days, improving your capacity to carry out physical and family activities.

All the food we consume, regardless of its origin, is converted into glucose by our body to be used as an energy source.

The connection between food and how it affects the functioning of our organism and even our state of mind has been one of the most studied topics during the last years by specialists in the field of nutrition.

Food can have a pronounced biochemical effect on your mental health, but the opposite can also be true.

Your emotional state can be significantly influenced by the foods you eat, and it is because of this detail that you should be very selective in your diet.

A detox not only helps your body to function better but will also improve the functioning of your mind.

Final thoughts

When we recognize our detox process is working, we can enhance it with fasting and rest mainly; moderate exercise is also beneficial if our forces allow it, sleeping and being free of stress as much as possible is vital; sun and fresh air will also help in detoxification.

We must cultivate positive thinking about what we are doing and not think that we are punishing ourselves or making great sacrifices.

We are recovering our health, and that is the greatest reward that can be expected. The symptoms or disorders we endure now mean an absence of suffering later. We are healing ourselves with courage and wisdom.


About the author

I created this site to share my knowledge of natural remedies and ingredients because I am a big believer in an organic lifestyle.
Our body is strong enough to rid toxins and maintain a balanced ecosystem by itself as long as we treat it smartly.
Note that I’m not just talking about food and exercises, I also aim to help you gain a healthy mindset – a mindset that will lead you to a positive and resilient life.

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  1. I have been detoxing for about 5 days and have one real concern! I am pooping less than usual and feel partly constipated and I know this is not the norm. I am taking phsillium and slippery elm for additional fiber and drinking more water but nothing helps.

    1. hello Sandy,
      I am gonna speak from my personal experience, seeing whether it can help.
      If you are still able to take No.2 every 2-3 day, It’s not really a concern, in my opinion.
      Sometimes, it just means that you either have a strong stomach or there’s not that much “waste” to go out from your body.
      Many people poop more during a detox just because their stomachs were overly stimulated, especially for things like cold juice detox. Extra pooping is something expected, but doesn’t have to happen.

  2. 5 stars
    After looking at a number of the articles on your web site, I honestly appreciate your way of writing a blog. I bookmarked it to my bookmark site list and will be checking back in the near future. Take a look at my website as well and tell me your opinion.

  3. I’m reading your articles…. so very interesting and it’s clear I need to do a detox. But I can’t find How to detox anywhere here; like specifics. The detox plan….?

  4. The crux of your writing whilst sounding reasonable at first, did not really sit properly with me personally after some time. Somewhere throughout the sentences you were able to make me a believer but just for a very short while. I nevertheless have got a problem with your jumps in assumptions and you would do well to fill in those gaps. In the event that you actually can accomplish that, I could definitely end up being fascinated.

    1. Thanks for the conclusion! It was a challenge to fit all information in one article. I will try to be more complete in the future writings :).

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