By Claire

June 23, 2020

I finally decided to give the 21-day Clean Program a try.

Throughout the year, I’ve tried a great amount of detoxing or cleansing programs, such as intermittent fasting, juice cleansing, and some other prepared shake programs.

Not all my experience is positive, so despite well-studied the Clean Program, I was still a bit skeptical about trying another cleansing program.

It’s not a perfect program, but it definitely is one of the best ones I’ve had. In this review, I will share with you what I like and dislike, my understanding of the ingredients, and my experience with this popular 21-day detox program.

Also, at the end of the article, I will share my schedule to guide you step-by-step through the 21 days. I made this schedule based on what works for me. You can take it as a reference and alter it in a way that can suit you the most.

“By eliminating some foods, I understand better how healthy food can fuel me”

What is the Clean Program?

The Clean Program is a powerful 21-day Cleanse Diet Program that promotes healthy weight loss, increases daily energy level, improve digestion and skin conditions.

Significant amounts of users reported eased joint pain and reduced bloating and constipation program after 2 weeks of using the Clean Program. And most people averagely lose 5-10 pounds after finishing the program and they usually don’t regain the weight later.

In each of the 21-day Clean Program set, you will have:

  • 42 Cleanse Shake Packets (2 shakes/day)
  • a bottle of immune-boosting probiotic
  • 63 Supplement Packs (3 packs/day)

Each bag of Cleanse Shake contains:

  • a right amount plant-based protein powder (e.g. rice & pea protein)
  • a unique blend of vitamins and minerals (e.g. organic carrot root powder, organic raspberry powder)
  • Antioxidant-rich ingredients (e.g. organic green tea leaf powder)
  • Fiber-rich ingredients (e.g. beet fiber, apple fiber)

The exact percentage of these nutrients varies depending on the flavor which you opt for. However, all of these nutrients are present in at least some quantity in each of the shakes.

The shakes provide you with a significant proportion of these nutrients concerning your RDA and help you with weight loss and digestion. In a nutshell, the shakes are as effective as they can be.

Each supplement pack contains: 

  • A vegetarian digestive enzyme (2 white tablets)
    • These consist of a variety of ingredients such as Amylase, Acid Protease, Neutral Protease, Xylanase and so on
  • An herbal extracted pill for liver support (1 light brown silymarin tablet)
  • Antimicrobial support (1 dark yellow berberine tablet).

Many customers decided to go back to do this program multiple times, which is a good sign that shows the benefits of using the Clean Program is widely-endorsed. 

This program indeed offers multiple benefits, including:

• Weight-loss

• Aids your digestive process

• Cleanses your digestive system

• Rejuvenate your skin

• Improves energy levels

• Easy to follow

• Complete nutrition & diet plan

• Natural and non-GMO ingredients

• Flavors available

• And so on

cleansing detox pill

What Makes Clean Program Different from Other Programs?

I’ve tried plenty of cleansing or detox programs. Most of them are quite hard to follow due to a lack of solid food.

Take juice cleansing as an example, it requires a great determination to only drinking juice for 3 days or 7 days. And usually, your body will start to feel a bit sick and experience diarrhea kind of symptoms after 3 days. This is a normal process for juice cleansing, but it doesn’t change the fact it’s very unpleasant.

Another example will be water fasting. I must admit it’s a very effective way to release the toxins and lose weight, however, it is something that has to be well-planned so that you won’t regain the weight and toxins back very quickly right after the program.

What’s good about the Clean Program that it doesn’t eliminate your food and nutrition consumption, instead, it helps you create a daily routine of supplements, healthy foods, and shakes.  

Thanks to its habit-changing, the Clean Program leaves a long-lasting result and you don’t really regain the weight you lost as long as you don’t go back to a terrible diet.

Another difference between this diet program and others is that it not only instructs you on what you should eat (e.g. shakes, supplements, & probiotics) and should do (e.g. the Cleanse Guide) but also provides you with all the resources to act on that knowledge as well.

That is why the 21-day cleansing diet is one of the easiest diets and cleanse programs to follow. Because of this, it’s pleasant for you to stick to the routine during the process and your body will detox and heal naturally.

Besides, I really appreciate the fact this kit includes a Cleanse Guide and a Recipe Book to assist during and after the program. 

The entire process is a bit overwhelming to take at the beginning and these two books can really help to guide through planning the entire diet and executing it. They also provide vital tips regarding the cleaning process, which can make things even easier for you.

No diet is complete without healthy recipes, which you can stick to after the duration of the diet. The recipe book ensures you to have a holistic understanding of nutrition and diet, which is beneficial after 21 days as well.

How does the Clean Program Shake Taste Like?

The Cleanse Shake comes with 3 flavors – Plain, Chocolate, and Vanilla. You can choose either of the flavor or mix and match two flavors when purchasing the program.

Generally speaking, all the shake has a standard protein powder taste. The Plain shake has an oat-like flavor to it. It’s very mild, which makes it go well in almost any smoothie recipe.

The chocolate one is pleasant to drink as well because the cacao really helps to cover the protein powder taste, which I am not a big fan of.

Personally, I like the vanilla flavor the least, because it tastes a bit artificial. To be fair, I am quick picky on flavors in general. So, if you are fine with industrial vanilla taste, there shouldn’t be a problem

Now that you are aware of its basics let us look at it in greater detail.

How the Clean Program Helps Digestion?

The Clean Program helps your digestive system in 2 different ways. I will highlight both of these ways below.

1. The 12-hour window

The diet plan allows you to keep a gap of 12 hours between the two shakes you drink. For example, if you're doing the evening shake at 7 PM, you should have the morning shake not before 7 AM.

The main reason behind this schedule is that it provides your body enough time to digest and cleanse it.

According to the program, the detox signal is generated in the body only 8 hours after the last meal. Therefore. when you keep a gap of 12 hours, after the culmination of 8 hours, the deep clean signal gets generated.

The body still has 4 hours before you consume the next shake. As a result, the deep cleaning process is not only initiated by the time of your next shake but also gets over.

The cleansing system ensures that your digestive system can function at full efficiency since it does not have to deal with the accumulated toxins.

2. Enzyme content

Along with the clean program shakes, you also get a vegetarian digestive enzyme. This enzyme aims to aids the digestive process and helps break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates for energy.

As a result, it can protect you against malabsorption and lead to better nutrient absorption.

3. Probiotics pills

There are plenty of studies showing that the ingestion of probiotics assists the digestion process by balancing the friendly bacteria in your system and it hence can lead to a healthier digestion system.

Yogurt is one of the common foods that contain probiotics and that is why many people take yogurt after meals to help digestion. However, not everyone can absorb yogurt properly, that’s why it’s more effective to take probiotics pills directly.

How is the Clean Program Help Improving Your Energy?

Many of us currently do not follow a proper diet plan. The biggest problem in doing so is that your energy levels will fluctuate throughout the day.

However, this diet program can not only help you with your weight loss but also improve your energy levels as well.

You might be thinking, how does it do so?

When you carefully go through the nutrient list of this diet program, you will realize that it consists of:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamins
  • Antioxidants
  • Probiotics

The proportion of carbohydrates and proteins in the shakes is around 4% each. As a result, the shakes are useful for energy production as well.

Since you would have the shakes in a timely fashion, you can easily maintain the energy levels in your body as well.

Also, the shakes do not contain any harmful ingredients, which means that the diet allows you to maintain your energy levels as it is entirely healthy for your body.

detox shake

How the Clean Effect on Weight?

The clean diet program is not your magic diet pill. It will not make you slim in 21 days. However, if you're following the diet program throughout the three weeks, you can expect to reduce your weight by 5 lbs or more in just three weeks.

Moreover, with other benefits like increased energy levels and a clean and faster digestive system, it indicates that you will have a boosted metabolism during and even after finishing the 21-day program.

A strong and fast metabolism can ensure you keep a fit body figure.

How the Clean Effect on Skin?

As I mentioned above, the diet program consists of cleanse shakes that consist of antioxidants in ample quantities.

Antioxidants help you with the signs of aging.

They can eliminate signs of aging like:

• Wrinkles

• Dry skin

• Flaky skin

• Crow's feet under eyes

The antioxidants also replace the dead skin cells with newer ones which ensure that your skin will start gleaming once again.

In a nutshell, due to the antioxidants present in the cleanse shakes, you can notice a stark difference in your skin quality.

Now that you know some of the benefits of this diet program let us look at its primary purpose of cleansing the body.

“This clean has given me a new perspective on food and has made me feel so good.”

How the Clean Program Cleanses and Detoxes the Body?

Right from the start of this article, I have mentioned that this diet could help you with cleansing and detoxing your body. By now, you might be intrigued to know how does it do so?

The answer is that it does so in 3 simple steps. I will explain all these three steps below so that you can better understand its cleansing effect.

1. The 12-hour window

The first step is when you consume the shakes at an interval of 12 hours. After 8 hours of the consumption of the shake, the body generates the detox signal. It is a biological process in our body.

However, the diet and cleanse program does not stop at that it aids the detoxification process in other ways as well.

2. Ample fiber quantity

When you look at the composition of the shakes, you will know that they are fiber-rich. Fiber aids the digestive system. When the body generates the detox signal, it uses fiber to remove the toxins from the digestive system. Since the cleansing shakes consist of an ample

quantity of fiber, there is no dearth of the same.

3. An abundant supply of antioxidants

Another ingredient of the cleansing shakes. which helps with the detoxification process is antioxidants. They help the digestive system flush out the toxins and reduce the negative effects of these toxins.

As you can see, the clean diet program helps you in multiple ways when it comes to cleansing and detoxing your body. All of this without having to consume any ingredients full of side effects.

clean program unbox

My Experience with the Clean Program

Before starting the 21-day program, I was a bit concerned about whether I would constantly feel hungry during the process as I can need to take 2 liquid meals per day. To my surprise, there are no hunger issues at all – the shake is very filling and satisfying and after 10 days, I started to realize that I was eating dinners that were much larger than what my body actually needs.

As expected, the program is quite easy to follow and the diet plan is quite complete thanks to the fact there is one solid meal included (Lunch). Since there was only one solid meal per day, I really put my thought into the food selection so that it can be tasty and healthy.

I love cooking, so, it was pleasant to prepare my precious one meal. What surprised me is that after cutting off all the unnatural ingredients and sugar, healthy food starts to taste better.

It taught tongue to appreciate natural taste such as the sweetness of a pea and the umami taste from the mushroom. This truly revolutionized my diet as a whole. I continued cooking healthily after the 21 days and I am really happy about this habit-change.

Some of the benefits of this program showed quite quickly. By the end of week 1, my body felt lighter and I had better sleep quality and I felt energetic and didn’t even need to take any caffeine-included drinks.

I guess the fact that my body doesn’t have to digest heavy food really contributed to energy saving. Also, I noticed the 12-hour window really enables my digestive system to reset well every day.

In the past, I did have minor digestion issues almost every night, especially when I eat late. But during this program, I didn’t have any stomach issues.

But I do think the probiotics contributed to my increased bathroom trips. It was not unpleasant. It’s just that the frequency was slightly increased. I take this as a sign of active detoxification.

I didn’t notice much weight change until the very end of the program. During the first few days, I did notice a loss of 3 pounds-ish. But it was not impressive because anyone can easily lose 2-3 pounds if consuming fewer calories and drinking more water.

What pleased me is that after I fully finished the program, I noticed that my weight reduced by 7 pounds and I didn’t regain any of these weights until now.

What else?

At this point, we all learned that the diet program comes with probiotics. The job of probiotics is not just to aid with the digestion process but also to increase the immunity. I like the fact these pills don’t compromise on the overall health condition. Personally, I will never sacrifice health for weight-loss.

What I Don’t Like about the Clean Program?

The majority part of the program is good, in my opinion; however, there are a few things I am not fully satisfied with.

Firstly, this is an expensive program. So, I would expect all the ingredients are organic. Yes, I do admit that many ingredients, especially the ones for the shakes, are organic; but plenty of them are not such as the rice and pea proteins, olive oil, and so on.

The good thing is that at least all the ingredients are non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and nut-free.

Also, I think the amount of vitamin D and calcium included aren’t sufficient enough, especially for elder people. People aged 51 and older should have 1000 to 1200 mg of calcium each day, however, there is only around 140 mg included in the shakes, which is way lower than required.

Besides, the shake uses stevia as the sweetener to improve the taste. Despite the fact, it can reduce calorie intake and risk of cavities compared to sugar. Concerns are surrounding using stevia because studies show that it may cause genetic mutations and cancer.

Lastly, I feel all the information can be a bit overwhelming to process at the start. When reading the description on the official site, I did notice that I would need to prepare myself meals other than taking the shakes and pills.

It is not a problem for me to cook and I actually like that that I can eat one solid meal per day, but this extra effort doesn’t require more time to prepare.

My 21-day Cleansing Schedule & Meal Plans


Clean Shake + 1 Probotic + 1 Supplement packet


A Solid Clean Meal + 1 Supplement Packet


Clean Shake + 1 Supplement Packet

Examples of my Solid meals (For lunch*):

  • light pan fried Sea bass/sea bream (with parsley) + broccoli (with garlic/Italian herb)
  • Mixed salad with blueberry, sliced Brie cheese and nuts (Dressing: balsamic vinegar & olive oil)
  • Steamed salmon (Sauce: a mix of olive oil, soy sauce, ginger and spring onion)
  • Baked vegetable mix (egg plant, tomato, pepper, sweet potato and onion)
  • Fried rice (salmon + parsley + garlic or shrimp + garlic + egg) and simply baked tomato
  • Creamy potato soup (with onion & butter) + stuffed calamari
  • Creamy broccoli soup +  pasta with kale and salmon/chicken and baby spinach

*all dishes are cooked with olive oil

All these meals are healthy and tasty, I do them regularly and I will update detailed recipes later.

Which dish interests you the most? Please let me know in the comment below so that I will create these recipes and videos first. Thank you 🙂


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